{Maternity Monday} Nursery Update- DIY Stenciled Wall

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Maternity Monday! I am officially 30 weeks along... feeling good and getting really excited about meeting the Little Mister in just 10 short weeks!

As you know, we have been (slowly but surely) busy getting the house ready for baby #2. One of the big items on the to-do list (and one that I have made very little progress in thus far) is getting the  nursery “baby ready". 

The bulk of the work on the room was done three years ago to make the nursery for Mr. Big Stuff, but in effort to make it feel like a new space for the Little Mister, I am looking for fun and simple ways to make it feel “new” without having to spend much. (or take too much effort!) You can see some of the inspiration here.

This past week, I started the first project in this room and I love the way it turned out! Using a stencil from Royal Design Studio, I stenciled an accent wall behind the crib.

stencil wall

As reminder, here is what we started with.  Three years ago dad and husband painted this room Sherwin Williams Palladian Blue, and I still really like the color, but after three years really wanting something new for the space.

nursery before

What a difference it makes with the stenciled wall!


The stenciling process was fairly simple and intuitive. The stencil was shipped rolled up in a tube, but laid out flat as soon as I took it out of the tube. It came with great instructions and tips. One of the big tips to remember is to roll your paint brush over paper towels once before applying directly to the wall. (of course I didn’t do this the first time and there was a little bleeding of the paint, but nothing terrible.) Once I used this method, I had zero issues with bleeding.

Here are a couple process pictures. It was simple to line up the stencil and start painting. For this wall, it probably took me about 2.5 hours. But you know how I roll, I did it in a couple installments over a couple weeks whenever I had a few minutes to spare! I love that with the large stencil it only took me 9 different applications to cover this wall.

 stencil 1 stencil 2

I still have a tiny touch up to do next to the valance.
Once I get my act together to get this room going, I will remove the curtain valance to recover with the fabric to fit the new color scheme, I will touch up that corner.


I am so thrilled to have started making progress on this room, and think this stencil is the perfect subtle touch to making this space feel new and refreshed!

So- here is the working to-do list for this room that I need to pull together in the next 10 weeks! I better get busy!
1. Recover curtain valances
2. Paint apple green dresser either white or gray
3. New crib bedding
4. New comforter on bed
5. New more neutral rug?
6. New knobs for dresser
7. Artwork for above crib
AND THE BIGGEST ONE?!?!?! Move Mr Big Stuff from this nursery to his big boy bed! :)

Also, stay tuned for a chance to win your own stencil from Royal Design Studio next week!

Oh and here is the 30 week baby bump- out family Easter shot from yesterday:


Girls Weekend Gift in a Jar

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hey there! Happy Friday and Easter weekend! 

This week has FLOWN by and I am having so much fun remembering the highlights from my girls weekend last weekend! 

Since the ladies that join in on the fun come from all over and I am local, I like to have a little something special for them when they arrive. This typically consists of a gift bag with snacks and treats. 

Well, this year, I wanted to think "outside of the bag" so I turned to my trusty friend- THE MASON JAR! Why not a Girls Weekend Gift in a Jar? 

This was super simple to pull together. 

Just cut some cute fabric from my stash to give the jars some fun color and personality. 

I filled each jar full of chocolates and a few things that you may need when traveling (tissues, hand sanitizer, gum) and then I found some super cute pajama pants at Old Navy. 

I had been keeping my eye open for sales and was in luck when I popped in and found these marked down to $4.99 a piece! The colors were perfect for my ladies!

We had fun sporting our matching pajama pants and these will be a great reminder of the fun we had this past weekend every time we wear them!

Can't wait until next year!

What about you? Any fun goodies  you like to stick in mason jars? :)



Hosting a Masters Golf Par-Tee

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Husband looks forward to this past weekend every year.
Like more than probably normal.

And it is not because we were beach bound or visiting with old friends.
No, my dear friends, it is the Masters weekend and it is the real deal around these parts.
Seriously, our TV is glued to the practice round coverage all week and then of course the weekend is dedicated to watching golf.

But husband loves it. So, I embrace it. Just like he embraces my hobbies (um, can you say arts and crafts on the kitchen table?). I don’t golf but honestly the sport has grown on me over the past couple of years.

This year, we hosted a Sunday viewing party with family and friends.  And that helps too because I love any reason to have a get together!

Of course, I had to add a few festive touches to the house. Because nothing says “let’s party”, like watching golf. Am I right? :)

Now, if your husband is a golfer, decorating can be pretty simple. I just perused his golf stash and came up with a couple fun golf themed party supplies.
First up- the table.
I had the khaki and white checked tablecloth. And when I found his practice putter- I thought it would be a great table runner. Clipping some pink azaleas are a festive touch, because the Masters is known for their azalea plants.
Next- my favorite green grass thing-y that I like to use year round housed golf balls and tees. So simple!
For our beverage station, I corralled up a few Masters and golf cups from years past.
 masters drinks
We celebrated a family birthday so I had some brownie bites and made some cute cupcake toppers.
masters cupcakes
I dug through my gift wrapping supplies and found some green shredded paper. Just layered in some golf balls and tees and we had a centerpiece.
It was a fun afternoon and so glad that a fellow University of Georgia grad won! 


{Maternity Monday} Twins & 29 Week Update

Monday, April 14, 2014

Yep! I am 29 weeks along. (and yes that means only 11 more to go!!!)

But nope, I am not suddenly expecting twins! 

Did your heart skip a beat there? :)

Let me back up a bit....

As you know, we had our 5th annual girls weekend this past weekend. It was super fun and I will be back this week with some fun updates from the weekend. 

Aside from lounging, eating, shopping, laughing and chatting, one of my highlights from the weekend was hanging with my pregnant cousin. We even managed to squeeze in a surprise family baby shower for her!

But this particular cousin isn't just any cousin. 

My sister and I lovingly refer to her as our Sissy-Cuz because our moms are identical twins. And there is just something about having the "same" mom that gives you a special bond! 

Now for any of you with identical twins in your family, 
you probably understand what I am saying!

But what makes this even more special is that our twin moms were pregnant together with us and we were born 5 months apart...

and now we are pregnant together and are due only 2 months apart!!!

The best part? 

We are both expecting boys!

And you know pregnancy goes- there is so so so so much out of our control. The timing of this was not necessarily by design (in either generation), and obviously having matching genders is completely out of our hands. But both have been a surprise blessing that I know we will enjoy for years to come.

I am so excited to meet both our little men and welcome them to our growing family! Congrats to Sissy-Cuz!

Don't you love the way they announced? It's so them! :)

Hope you have a wonderful spring week!


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